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Evolution Education Survey

Evolution Education Survey

Please take my survey on evolution education. Let me know any questions I should have asked but didn’t. I am eventually going to give out some sort of survey to random students at the library so I would like to know where I can improve.


About This Blog

This is a student made project meant to be a resource for high school and college students who may have not had much of an education in evolution and are curious as to what it is all about.

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Very soon I will post a self-made game and quiz using InDesign.

Evolution Facts and Myths

Sometime in the near future I will be interviewing several college students and professors on their opinions about the amount of evolution taught in public schools and if students are sufficiently knowledgeable on the subject prior to enrolling in a university.

The Big Bang Timeline

Sometime in the near future I will embed an interactive timeline of the Big Bang using InDesign, but today is not that day.